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Join us for our newest B&W Photography series!

Welcome to the second speaker series on Black & White Photography. In this series, we've gathered some of the most distinguished photographers who truly perceive the world in a unique light. You don't want to miss this!

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Learn how to Increase our Range of Expression

Where do we start? How about with 2 acclaimed speakers returning to the NPC stage and with another that is extremely well regarded. But not just about the practicality or simplicity of creating images, this one is about how we can create incredible images with our smartphones, discover how we can establish or improve our skills with a drone, or get it right in camera so we don't have to post-process.

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Learn About Abstracts - Finding Unique Beauty in The Natural World

The definition of Abstract is creation of images through methods and perspectives that do not have an immediate association with the physical world. The beauty of abstract photography is you as the photographer get the opportunity to interpret the landscape in ways that are personally meaningful to you.

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Photography Course: Discovering the Mood and Mystery in our Images

This is not designed to be a revolutionary simple fix to your photos rather a much more in depth look on how you can leave some mystery in your images, have our images symbolize something more than the obvious, or inspire us to see the landscape differently.

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Learn how to Kickstart your Creativity

We have an amazing lineup that is sure to pump up your creativity this year!

You are going to get a FULL dose of knowledge and expertise guaranteed to kickstart your creativity and supercharge your work in 2024!

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Learn the Essentials of Post-Processing, Light & Color

You spoke and we listened.  There was an overwhelming request for more post- rocessing, but in particular how to manage and work with the light and color within our images. For this series Nature Photography Classes went out and simply got you the best post-processing instructors! 

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Online Course: Grand Showdown: Light vs. Composition

Here, we will learn makes a great image, the power of light and composition, and how professional photographers confront both within their work.

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Photography Course: The Vision of Black & White

Exploring the vision of black and white photography with 5 of the leading educators!

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Learn Nature Photography: Grand Landscapes to Small Scenes

Together we learned about looking within, the emotional language of vision, balancing artistry and technique, creativity and expression and mindset.  

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Let's take a Deep Dive into Post-Processing

We perfected how to use local adjustments, explored new ways to use Lightroom, perfected our luminosity masking, and expanded our photoshop skills.

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Photo Course: Explore the Love of the Landscape

From Night Photography, infrared, sand dunes, storms, telephotos, trees, and intimate landscapes this brings it together in ways that enable new perspectives.  

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