The Nature Photography Classes Speaker Series

Grand Showdown: Light vs. Composition

Here, we will learn makes a great image, the power of light and composition, and how professional photographers confront both within their work.

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The Vision of Black & White! 

Exploring the vision of black and white photography with 5 of the leading educators!

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The Inaugural Series-From Grand Landscapes to Small Scenes

Together we learned about looking within, the emotional language of vision, balancing artistry and technique, creativity and expression and mindset.  

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Deep Dive into post processing

We perfected how to use local adjustments, explored new ways to use Lightroom, perfected our luminosity masking, and expanded our photoshop skills.

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Explore the love of the landscape. 

From Night Photography, infrared, sand dunes, storms, telephotos, trees, and intimate landscapes this brings it together in ways that enable new perspectives.  

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