You spoke and we listened.  There was an overwhelming request for more post processing, but in particular how to manage and work with the light and color within our images.   For this series Nature Photography Classes went out and simply got you the best Post-Processing instructors!   

The speaker series is a unique opportunity to hear from and interact with people that rarely speak with audiences and are considered some of the best photography educators in the world. 

At only $27 per speaker (or $87 for all four speakers!), it is incredibly well priced, with the opportunity to ask questions live, possibly have your images worked as some of the processing will be on user submitted images.  These 2-hour sessions are jam packed with the very best in post-processing techniques, explanations, demonstrations, and also the logic in why or why not to do certain things.  

This is guaranteed to be an amazing Winter Series where you will hear from:

  • Chrissy Donadi – “Photography Workflow Revolution: Unlocking Lightroom Classic's Full Potential”. The delightful Chrissy Donadi starts us off with how to unlock workflow within Lightroom Classic and to set ourselves up for success. 
  • Blake Rudis – “Color Theory for Photographers”. The incredibly color versed Blake Rudis will take us through color theory, color management as we post process images to look realistic.
  • Alex Noriega – “Simple Adjustments for a Big Impact”. International Landscape Photographer of the Year and highly regarded photographer Alex Noriega on smaller scenes, the softer light, the subtle adjustments he makes in his award winning and breathtaking images. 
  • Greg Benz – “Dodging & Burning with Luminosity Masks”. The founder of Lumenzia Greg Benz talks about post processing the light, dodging and burning, and the behind the scenes of how to think of light through Luminosity Masks.

You would have to spend thousands of dollars to hear them speak at a conference, or tens of thousands of dollars to go to their workshops. This promises to be packed with practical techniques that will immediately improve your post-processing!  It doesn’t matter if you are just getting started or a seasoned pro!

To register for the entire series, use the link below.  At only $87 for what is over 8 hours of instruction, insight, perspective this could be the best deal you will see all year.

10% of all registration fees will be donated to the environmental cause or organization of the speakers choosing.  Another great opportunity to give back!

Nature Photography Classes' speaker series gives students the opportunity to hear from and interact with people who rarely speak to audiences and are considered some of the top photography educators in the world.

All sessions are available on My Library, YouTube or Dropbox file download.

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Chrissy Donadi - Photography Workflow Revolution: Unlocking Lightroom Classic's Full Potential

Chrissy Donadi

Kicking off the 2023 Post Processing Speaker series is the incredibly relatable and talented, Chrissy Donadi. 

Born and raised in Pennsylvania's picturesque Pocono Mountains, Chrissy Donadi is a professional nature and landscape photographer, writer, and photo educator. Her transformative journey from engineering to photography began abroad and led to a deep passion for being outdoors and capturing the world's beauty. Chrissy's diverse portfolio features grand landscapes as well as intimate and small scenes, reflecting her deep appreciation for Mother Earth’s intricate details.

Join us in this comprehensive course tailored for nature and landscape photographers seeking to enhance their Lightroom Classic experience. This course delves into essential strategies for organizing and optimizing your Lightroom Classic workflow. Whether you're a seasoned Lightroom user or just beginning, our focus is on providing practical knowledge and techniques to elevate your photography process.

With her roots in industrial engineering, Chrissy possesses a keen eye for optimizing processes and workflows. Her journey from engineering to photography has allowed her to seamlessly blend her technical knowledge with her creative passion for nature. 

In "Photography Workflow Revolution," you will gain insights into tailoring Lightroom Classic to fit your unique needs. We'll explore the art of efficient organization, making the most of Lightroom's capabilities, and streamlining post-processing. Our aim is to guide you through the crucial steps every Lightroom user should master.

Through her captivating images and educational endeavors, she seeks to utilize the art of photography to nurture her creativity and forge a deeper connection with nature. Chrissy inspires others to explore this art form and discover their own creative connections with the natural world, while also offering valuable insights into the efficient organization and streamlining of photography workflows.

By unlocking the full potential of Lightroom Classic, you can transform your photography workflow into a more seamless and creative experience.

Please submit your questions to [email protected] on organizing your images in Lightroom to possibly be featured as Chrissy will be answering our participants' most frequently asked Lightroom Classic questions.

You can learn more about Chrissy and her work on her website.

Chrissy will be supporting Carbon County Environmental Education Center (CCEEC), with 10% from the registration fees donated to their mission.

Length: 2 hours

Cost:  $27 (or as part of the entire series for only $87!)

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Sample of Chrissy Donadi's Work
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Blake Rudis - Color Theory for Photographers

Blake Rudis

Ask most photographers where they could stand to improve in their post processing and they will talk about how little they know about how to get their colors to look realistic and to match what they felt / saw / experienced and want to convey.   While color may be something that we never fully master, we can look to an industry expert to help us close that gap!

Blake Rudis is a retired USAF Combat Veteran and a classically trained artist who started as a painter. Blake transitioned into printmaking and sculpture where he received his BFA in Fine art from the University of Delaware. This education and background is the basis of how he incorporates his knowledge of aesthetics and color theory in his courses and is known for his acclaimed Photoshop® workflow.

Get ready to explore the world of color theory and its application in photography, presented from an artistic, painterly perspective. Join us in this enlightening event as we dive into the nuances of color, blending the worlds of painting and photography to enhance visual storytelling. Learn how painters manipulate colors to evoke emotions and convey narratives and discover how photographers can translate these principles into their work. Blake Rudis of f64 Academy, a former painter – now photographer, will guide you through essential color theory principles and demonstrate how they can be adapted to photographic compositions. Let’s enrich your post processing prowess with Color Theory and cultivate a deeper, more intuitive understanding of color in your imagery.

Blake is a self-published author and works as an independent photo educator for many software companies and his education site, Blake has worked with many of the leading photography companies including Creative Live, Topaz Labs, and ON1. Blake has helped hundreds of thousands of photographers excel in their post-processing endeavors.

You can learn more about Blake and his work on his website.

Blake will be supporting Run to Stop It with 10% from the registration fees donated to their mission.

Length: 2 hours

Cost:  $27 (or as part of the entire series for only $87!)

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Sample of Blake Rudis' Work
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Alex Noriega - Simple Adjustments for a Big Impact

Alex Noriega

Alex has the distinction of being our NUMBER ONE most requested future speaker and for good reason.  The subtle and powerful nature of his work and images and the accolades and wonder that it instills in people.  This is certainly one not to be missed.  

Alex Noriega is a professional nature photographer and educator based in Southwestern Utah. He primarily focuses on intimate landscapes within the Colorado Plateau and the Mojave Desert. Alex aims to convey a sense of mystery or a specific atmosphere with his photographs. He often achieves this by simplifying the elements within his compositions, excluding context outside of the light and his main subject, thus engaging the viewer’s imagination.

Learn how Alex uses the idea of simplification in post-processing to make his subjects stand out, giving even small or quiet subjects a large impact. While Alex sometimes employs complex tools or techniques to achieve precision, he primarily employs simple tools to achieve his vision. After the presentation, he  will conduct a short image review wherein he will offer critique and demonstrate post-processing methods on some of your own photographs!

Learn more about Alex and his work on his website

Alex will be supporting the Friends of the Inyo with 10% from the registration fees donated to help their mission.

Length: 2 hours

Cost: $27 (or as part of the entire series for only $87!)

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Sample of Alex Noriega's Work
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Greg Benz - Dodging & Burning with Luminosity Masks

Greg Benz

Rounding out the series is the master of luminosity masks, Greg Benz. Not only does Greg take incredible images and teach in impactful ways, he literally is the person that is behind so much of the innovation you see with Luminosity Masks as he is the founder of Lumenzia.  

Greg Benz  is a professional landscape and cityscape photographer, Photoshop  instructor, and software developer based out of Minneapolis. He is widely known as the developer  of the “Lumenzia” luminosity masking panel for Photoshop and an avid supporter of the new HDR display technologies.

With this session you can learn the technical and artistic principles to use luminosity masks and selections to enhance the existing light in your images to help create depth and dramatic lighting.  

As  an instructor, he strives to help other photographers create beautiful  art by sharing the vision, tools, and technique behind his own work. He focuses on how to utilize HDR and luminosity masks to create more natural images and fully reveal the latent color and detail in our RAW images.

After this session you will never see light the same way again. Promise.

You can learn more about Greg and his work on his website.

Greg will be supporting Paws with a Cause with 10% from the registration fees donated to help their mission.

Length: 2 hours

Cost:  $27 (or as part of the entire series for only $87!) 

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Sample of Greg Benz's Work
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