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Welcome to our growing database of amazing photographers who have taught sessions in our Speaker Series! Click on their images to learn more about their session.

Marc Adamus

In his session, "Looking Within", Marc speaks about his artistic philosophy, vision and how he creates powerful and engaging landscape imagery. 

Erin Babnik

In “Beyond Perfection: Balancing Artistry and Technique in Your Photography", Erin uses a unique approach of blending historical, philosophical, and instructional ideas, which has made her one of the most notable voices of landscape photographers today.

Sean Bagshaw

In "Photoshop Blending: Focus, Perspective and Dynamic Range", Sean shows you how to simply use Luminosity Masks than any other instructor active today.

John Barclay

In "Why B&W: Follow your Vision", John Barclay and Cole Thompson discuss their journey to find elements of their vision and then Cole will demonstrate his 7 steps to post-process your images.

Bruce Barnbaum

In "Expanding your vision and creativity... a lifelong process", Bruce discusses creativity in the arts, sciences, business, with an emphasis on photography. 

Sandra Bartocha

Sandra will talk about how she approaches her photography, the search for a project, the intuition and observation that determine the way she interprets and transforms a scene.

Alister Benn

In "Understanding the Landscape - The Emotional Language of Vision", Alister offers new ways to help creatives connect the dots in new ways.

Eric Bennett

Eric has joined us for two amazing sessions, "Adding by Subtracting: The Art of Exclusion" and “Listen to the Light". Eric shows how to make remarkable photographs at any given time of day.

Greg Benz

In "Dodging & Burning with Luminosity Masks", Greg teaches us the technical and artistic principles to use luminosity masks and selections to enhance the existing light in your images to help create depth and dramatic lighting.

Theo Bosboom

In "The Art of Intimate Landscapes", Theo shows us skills like, the art of seeing, how to achieve a balanced composition, how to incorporate moving elements, and so much more. 

David Cobb

In "Light, Color, Form and Expression", David dissects the four tenets of photography: light, color, form, and expression, and how they can help you on your photographic journey. 

Josh Cripps

Josh has joined us for two amazing sessions, "Stop Being a 1-Dimensional Photographer!" and “Telephoto Landscapes." Josh teaches how to harness the power of your telephoto lens in order to tell more effective visual stories. 

Chrissy Donadi

In "Photography Workflow Revolution: Unlocking Lightroom Classic's Full Potential", Chrissy offers insights into tailoring Lightroom Classic to fit your unique needs. We'll explore the art of efficient organization, making the most of Lightroom's capabilities, and streamlining post-processing. 

Michael Frye

Frye has joined us for two powerful sessions, "Range Mask & Local Adjustments in Lightroom" and “A Sense of Mystery." Michaels shows simple, yet dynamic, techniques to make your photographs come to life!

Franka Gabler

In ‚ÄúConveying Mood and Capturing the Essence‚ÄĚ, Franka analyzes several essential components that contribute to expressing and conveying mood such as choice of light, color, contrast, weather, and/or shutter speed exposure.

Charlotte Gibb

In "Composition Eats Subject for Breakfast", Charlotte teaches concrete composition skills to help you successfully compose in the field and post-processing techniques to make your images sing. 

Adam Gibbs

In "Forest Photography", Adam cover what inspires him about woodland photography, how he looks for compositions and the types of things he looks for in a woodland, and post-processing to bring scenes to life!

Michael E. Gordon 

In “Inspiration, Imagination & Intention: Fulfillment and Success in the Art of B&W", Gordon will discuss his decades of photographic work on American deserts and will detail how thematic work and projects have been transformative to his artistic experience.

Randall J. Hodges

Randall will cover the all-in-camera techniques he uses to capture his remarkable images without the need for post-processing. He will show some of his favorite images along with the techniques used to capture them.

Kai Hornung

In "Finding Small: Your Own Creative Journey", Kai shows your how to shape your own artistic voice, develop a unique style, build confidence in your own work and receive practical advice for improving your photography to make it more personal.

Huibo Hou

In "Getting to the Essence in B&W", Huibo's class is designed to inspire you towards creating impactful black and white landscape images. 

Get ready! Huibo will be joining us again in August for "Elevating the Visual and Emotional Impact of Landscape Photography in B&W!" You don't want to miss this!

Brooks Jensen 

In “B&W's Cousin: Toned Monochrome Images", Jensen will explore examples and methods that match the image content to the toned aesthetic. 

Jennifer King

In "Fine Art of Black & White Photography", Jennifer walks you through the creative process of defining your vision and creating dramatic images.

David Kingham

In "Rethinking Lightroom: A Unique Approach to Colors and Tones", David shows a unique method to achieve beautiful tones and colors with minimal effort. Say goodbye to blown out highlights and blocked up shadows!

Sarah Marino

Sarah has joined us for three amazing sessions, ‚ÄúThe Expansive Mindset‚ÄĚ,¬† "Black & White: Bold Interpretations" and "Abstractions: Seeking Mystery in the Natural World." She teaches us how¬†to take an "expansive view" of photography,¬†essential lessons for photographing in black and photographing a wide range of abstractions found in nature.

Richard Martin

In ‚ÄúTowards Abstraction in the Natural World‚ÄĚ, Richard provides an opportunity to discover alternative ways to work creatively. Whether you are interested in landscapes, portraits, architecture and so forth, there are almost endless possibilities for expressing your feelings and vision photographically.

Exciting news! Richard will be joining us again this summer for “The Expressive Power of Tones!"

Mike Mezeul II

In "Photographing the Beauty of Storms", Mike shows techniques for documenting unique storms. From forecasting to the technicalities of the camera and his vision for each frame, Mike shares what it truly takes to be at one with the storms!

Colleen Miniuk

In "Creating with the Creative Process: A Visualization - Driven Approach toMeaningful Photographs", Colleen will give you a creative jolt! Hear insights and skills that will you connect more deeply with your subjects and create more meaningful visual expressions.

Charles Needle

Charles has joined us for two amazing sessions "Abstract & Expressionist Photography: Crafting Painterly Masterpieces In-Camera" and “Creative iPhone Photography." Charles teaches us how to transform everyday scenes into visual masterpieces using your smartphone.

Melissa Needle

In “Creative iPhone Photography", Melissa Needle, alongside Charles, will explore how making images with your phone can help you become a better photographer and review various apps you can use to craft mind-blowing imagery.


Alex Noriega

In "Simple Adjustments for a Big Impact", Alex uses the idea of simplification in post-processing to make my subjects stand out, giving even small or quiet subjects a large impact. 

Freeman Patterson

In "Call of Creativity", Freeman teaches us about the nature of creativity and the ways to nurture and develop the creativity with which each of us was born. This presentation is a real gem!

Nick Page

In "Advancing in Photoshop", Nick helps you advance your ability to work with Luminosity Masks. He also shows us powerful techniques utilizing luminosity masks and selections in a non-destructive Photoshop Workflow.

Ian Plant

Ian has joined us for two inspiring sessions "Anatomy of a Grand Landscape Photograph" and ‚ÄúHow to Take Amazing Drone Photos.‚ÄĚ Ian teaches us how to make compelling grand landscape compositions.

Rachel Jones Ross

In "Mastering Night Photography", Rachel shares her technical approach to  photographing the night sky under a wide variety of light conditions, white balance, when and how to stack images for noise reduction.

Blake Rudis

Get ready to explore the world of color theory and its application in photography, presented from an artistic, painterly perspective in Blake's "Color Theory for Photographers."

Jennifer Renwick

From the exciting, wide scenes to the smaller stories and unique abstract opportunities, Jennifer shares techniques and tips for photographing sand dunes in her session, "Dynamic Dunes."

Tony Sweet

In "The Unique World of Infrared Photography", Tony covers the applications of practical and artistic considerations when photographing in infrared and so much more. 

Guy Tal

Guy has joined us for two amazing sessions, "Creativity and Expression in Photography" and "Be Extraordinary." There is so much to learn from Guy, as he continues to reinvent his work and connection to the natural environment.

Cole Thompson

In "Why B&W: Follow your Vision", John Barclay and Cole Thompson discuss their journey to find elements of their vision and then Cole will demonstrate his 7 steps to post-process your images.

Michele Sons

After taking "The Art of Fog", you will have a deeper understanding of fog, and more importantly, a greater appreciation of how you can employ it as a powerful artistic element to inject mood into your expressive photography.

TJ Thorne

In "There is No Such Thing As Bad Light", TJ talks about how he uses approach, mindset, and exploration to create extraordinary midday images.

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Stay tuned for upcoming talented photographers and fantastic instructors who are sure to inspire.

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for upcoming talented photographers and fantastic instructors who are sure to inspire.

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