Winter Speaker Series

"Dive into Post-Processing"

Have you ever wondered how professionals look at their images and make their post processing decisions? Through the Nature Photography Classes Speaker Series, you will be able to see what goes on in their minds, on their computers, and how they create impactful images, thoughts, and insights.  The speaker series is a unique opportunity to hear from and interact with people that rarely speak with audiences and are considered some of the best photography educators in the world. 

For the Winter Speaker series we are turning our focus to Post Processing and we have assembled some of the most respected educators to show you new ways to post process your images. 

At only $27 per speaker or $87 for all four speakers, it is incredibly well priced, with the opportunity to ask questions live, possibly have your images worked as some of the processing will be on user submitted images.  These LIVE 2-hour sessions will be jam packed with the very best in post processing techniques, explanations, demonstrations, and also the logic in why or why not to do certain things.  

Plus one of the things people like the most, YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE THERE LIVE TO GET THE RECORDINGS!

This is guaranteed to be an amazing Winter Series where you will hear from

  • Michael Frye-"Using the Powerful Range Mask Tool and Local Adjustments in Lightroom Classic‚ÄĚ
  • David Kingham-" Rethink Lightroom: A Unique Approach to Colors and Tones‚ÄĚ
  • Sean Bagshaw-" Photoshop Blending: Focus, Perspective and Dynamic Range‚ÄĚ
  • Nick Page-‚ÄúMastering Luminosity Masks and Selections‚ÄĚ

You would have to spend thousands of dollars to hear them speak at a conference, or tens of thousands of dollars to go to their workshops.  This promises to be a packed with practical techniques that will immediately improve your post-processing!  It doesn’t matter if you are just getting started or a seasoned pro!

To register for the entire series and get access to the recordings if you missed or are going to miss one, use the link below.  At only $87 for what is over 8 hours of instruction, insight, perspective this could be the best deal you will see all year.  As always, 100% moneyback guarantee if you are not happy for ANY reason.   

10% of all registration fees will be donated to the environmental cause or organization of the speakers choosing.  Another great opportunity to give back!

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Sean Bagshaw - Photoshop Blending: Focus, Perspective and Dynamic Range"

Sean Bagshaw

When we talk about photography education, many don’t have a background in teaching.  But not Sean Bagshaw.  He is a former Middle School science teacher who never lost the passion for teaching even as he couldn’t resist the pull of outdoor adventure. 

Well-traveled and extremely well versed in all things Photoshop, Sean will show you more about how to simply use Luminosity Masks than any other instructor active today.

When we confront challenging lighting situations and complex compositions, we find that our cameras have limitations. There are photos in which highlights, and shadows get clipped. Other times parts of the scene are left out of focus. And in some situations, how the scene fits in the lens simply doesn't match how we see it.

With Photoshop and a bit of knowledge and practice, we can combine or "blend" multiple image frames using layers and masks to overcome these limitations. Sean will demonstrate Photoshop techniques for exposure blending, focus blending, focal length blending and perspective blending. Exposure blending gives us unlimited dynamic range, focus blending can achieve infinite depth of field and focal length and perspective blending can overcome limitations in how a lens sees a scene compared to the way we do.

Please get your images ready to be submitted and possibly featured as Sean will be working on participant submitted images. 

This promises to expand your photography capabilities by monumental leaps! 

Learn more about Sean and his work on his website.

Sean will be donating 10% of the registration proceeds to The Malaria Consortium, GiveWell's top-rated charity for cost-effectiveness and evidence of impact.

Length: 2 hours

Cost:  $27 (or as part of the entire series for $87!)

BONUS:  Sean's session also includes access to the Complete Workflow Lake Bled course for free (a $15 value!).

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Sample of Sean Bagshaw's Work
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Michael Frye - Range Masking & Local Adjustments in Lightroom

Michael Frye

In the digital age of Social Media, too many people feel they must shout to get attention.  But for Michael Frye it is the quiet voice and his quiet understanding of the landscape that commands attention.  Michael has lived inside or just outside of Yosemite National Park for the last 40 years!  He was also one of the original users of Lightroom in 2006 when it premiered!

Michael has probably forgotten more about what Lightroom does than most of us will ever learn.  Another defining characteristic of Michael is he remains highly productive and active as a photographer and educator sharing with the readers of his newsletter the musings, background, thoughts, and other tidbits from his regular photography outings. 

Lightroom's Masking panel is incredibly powerful, allowing you make and combine selections in almost infinite ways, and add sophisticated touches to your images that you previously needed Photoshop for.

But tools are only useful if they serve a greater purpose. Masking can be a wonderful tool ‚Äď if it can be harnessed to help you express your vision for a photograph.

In this presentation Michael will show you simple ‚Äď yet powerful ‚Äď techniques to make your photographs come to life with Masking. He'll cover some basics, and you'll also learn more advanced tips and tricks, but more importantly, he'll discuss when and where to use these techniques to get the most out of your photographs, express your vision, and tell the story you want to tell.

Here's a partial list of the topics Michael will cover:

  • Easy ways to combine selections
  • Wrapping your head around Add, Subtract, Invert, and Intersect
  • Strategies for getting the perfect mask
  • How to direct the viewer's eye
  • Amplifying subtle light
  • Enriching colors without using saturation
  • Bringing out shadows in a realistic way.

He also will be demonstrating these techniques on some user submitted images, so get your images ready to be submitted!

Learn more about Michael and his work on his website. 

Length: 2.5 hours

Cost:  $27 (or as part of the entire series for only $87!)

Michael will be donating the 10% of the registration fees to support the Yosemite Conservancy.

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Sample of Michael Frye's Work
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David Kingham - Rethink Lightroom- A Unique Approach to Colors & Tones

David Kingham

David Kingham is the owner / operator of the hugely popular Nature Photographers Network a site devoted to the art and craft of nature photography. It is a discussion forum focused primarily on honest image critiques.  For this evening he is taking a break from leading workshops with his photography and life partner Jennifer Renwick to spend the evening with us.  David also helped start the Nature First Photography movement which promotes ethical principles to other photographers to protect the places we love.

Forget everything you've learned about Lightroom. David will show you a unique method to achieve beautiful tones and colors with minimal effort. He will be using simple methods to transform images quickly by placing more emphasis on the midtones. Say goodbye to blown out highlights and blocked up shadows.

David shows in this presentation how to work with the parts of Lightroom that most photographers either completely ignore or don’t know how to use.  You will see Lightroom differently after this class. 

Learn more about David and his work on his website. 

Length: 2 hours

Cost:  $27 (or as part of the entire series for only $87!)

David will be donating 10% of the registration fees to Death Valley Natural History Association.

BONUS:  David will be provided a written workflow showing the step by step process he takes to process his images.  Hugely valuable and a major time saver!

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Sample of David Kingham's Work
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Nick Page - Mastering Luminosity Masks and Selections

Nick Page

Nick claims to be a chubby kid from a small town in Southeastern Washington state. But he is also the host of "the Landscape Photography Podcast, a workshop instructor, pro photographer, and history nerd.  He officially (like many of our other speakers) has the best job in the world, traveling around the world talking and teaching photography to other like-minded passionate photographers. 

If you ask other pros or advanced photographers to name the best post processing instructors, Nick Page would make everyone’s list.  He balances simple techniques with the ability to not over process his images.  For this talk, he wants to help you advance your ability to work with Luminosity Masks.

In this talk Nick will discuss powerful techniques utilizing Luminosity masks and selections in a non-destructive Photoshop Workflow

Covered in this presentation

  • What Luminosity Masks and selections are
  • Using luminosity Masks to exposure blend
  • Using Luminosity¬†Masks to guide Dodging and Burning
  • Creating Visual Flow utilizing Smart Objects
  • Emphasizing¬†Light and Atmosphere with luminosity Selections

Get your images ready as part of the presentation Nick will work on images that you submit!

You can find more about Nick and his work on his website.

Nick will be donating 10% of the registration proceeds to the Dollar Donation Club which does amazing work to remove plastics from the Ocean.

Length: 2 hours

Cost:  $27 (or as part of the entire series for only $87!)

BONUS:  Registration for Nick's session also 3 photoshop actions to save you time and improve your image quality.

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