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Learn How to Use Professional Post-Processing Techniques

Four easy to use and simple techniques will transform your photos with amazing results. PODS are short easy to follow training sessions that teach you the exact same techniques and processes I use in my studio. Each POD covers what to do, why to do it and how to do it so you are can turn out remarkable finished images every time.

  • Pod 1 - Processing The Light
  • Pod 2 - Processing The Night
  • Pod 3 - Local Adjustments In Lightroom
  • Pod 4 - Exposure - Image- Focus - Focal Length Blending
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Understanding Your Creative Process

All photographers regardless of level of skill, chosen medium, or experience want to communicate more effectively through their images.  Learn about your own creative process, discover how to get into repeatable mindsets, and find new ways to cultivate your creativity. 

This course covers

  • Psychology of Photography.¬† What are the drivers of our creative process?
  • The Power to Create. How can we learn to be more creative?
  • Emotion IN and withIN our photography. ¬†Working with our emotions.
  • Discovery of our Creative & Artistic Vision.¬† What goes into style and vision?
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One of the unique joys we get to experience as Nature Photographers is traveling to unique parts of the world and capturing what we experienced there.  The ability to share our work furthers deeper connections with ourselves and others and often times leads to an even greater appreciation for the natural environment.

This course covers two unique areas of the West.  California and the Desert Southwest.  In this course you will see tips, tricks, and places to explore.

 Join me for

  • Adventures in California Nature Photography
  • Photographic Exploration of the Desert Southwest
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Using Topaz & The Nik Collection

Plugings are very powerful ways to make subtle but impactful changes to our images.  Two of the best are Topaz and Nik Collection.  Joing me to discover:

  • How Sharpen can save some out of focus images.
  • What modules make sense to use and why within the Nik Collection.
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Deeper Dive-Seascapes

Seascapes have long captivated and instilled wonder, wander, and awe within us as humans.  Capturing and sharing these specific scenes represents technical challenges as well as special considerations regarding seasons, weather, and location.  The Deeper Dive is a 6 hour workshop revealing my tips, tricks, processes and approaches along with how I process my images.

Join me for a deeper look

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Image Structure

There are 3 major foundational pillars on which the structure, body, and life of our images are constructed.  Light, color, and composition.  Learn how you can identify opportunities to communicate, highlight, and demonstrate these items in new ways.

See the Elements and Structure

  • Essential Elements of Composition & Image Design
  • Evaluating & Working with Light in Nature Photography
  • The Science and Emotion of Color in Nature Photography
  • Advancing your Composition Beyond the Essentials
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Technical & Planning

Proper planning prevents poor photographs.  While this doesn’t always hold true there are certain tools that to help you capture better images from photo planning apps like PhotoPills, tide and weather forecast, and a host of other resources. 

Together we look at

  • Technique, Vision, & Processing of¬† Nature Scenes
  • Before the Camera - Tools to help us visualize
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Preparing your Images for Print & Web

An important step in our photographic journey of printing our work for ourselves or others.  Learn to prepare your images confidently and consistently for printing or for display on the web and how I do it myself for clients all over the world.    

 Lets take a deeper look at 

  • Preparing your image for Print & Web
  • Fixing some of your issues in Post Processing
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Moving into a Black & White World

In this class we will talk about the Technique, Vision, and Processing of black & white images. This class will help you to evaluate what images you might want to select for black and white images, see some simple ways to convert these images into impactful post and give you greater confidence to express yourself in new ways. 

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Post-Processing in Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a highly capable photo organization and photo editing program that will dramatically improve your ability to find, organize, and edit images in a way that fits your individual needs. 

Discover how you can organize your workspace, speed up your processing of your images, and develop your own personalized database of incredible images. 

 We cover

  • Taking control of Lightroom
  • Fixing various and recurring issues in 911 What‚Äôs your Lightroom Emergency.
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Post Processing in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most powerful tools we have access to as photographers.  Designed to serve a HUGE variety of professionals all its features can be overwhelming.  Learn how I use it specifically in very targeted ways. 

Discover how to organize your workspace, find a workflow, use luminosity masks, and so much more to speed up your post processing and improve how you share what you see in nature in your images. 

This class dives into

  • Taking Control of Photoshop
  • Working with Luminosity Masks in Photoshop
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NPC Learning Center

The Nature Photography Classes Learning Center contains the workflows to dial in your processes, presets to speed up your post processing, and book summaries on creativity and photography topics.

This is a tremendous resource to improve and broaden your skills and capabilities.

Add to your skills and talents with

  • Local adjustment presets for Lightroom
  • Presets for processing your images
  • Workflows
  • Creativity and Photography Book Summaries
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Finding our Focus

Discover my best practices for maintaining sharp focus from how I setup my camera, in field techniques, post processing, and so much more.  Regardless of your skill level there is something you will learn in this class.

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Working with PhotoPills

Nothing can replace the vision of an image, good light, solid technique, and the right composition but we can help ourselves along the way with various tools.  One of my most used tools to help me in evaluating my in-field opportunities is PhotoPills. 

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Photoshop Blending Modes

Blending parts of images together or making subtle adjustments is one of the most powerful ways we can use Photoshop. Discover how to organize your workspace, blend two exposures together, combine 3 images, blend in a blown-out sky, and more. 

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Deeper Dive-Night Photography

Night Photography has captivated and instilled wonder, wander, and awe within us as humans.  Capturing and sharing these specific scenes represents technical challenges as well as special considerations regarding seasons, weather, and location.  The Deeper Dive is a 6 hour workshop revealing my tips, tricks, processes and approaches along with how I process my images.

Join me for a deeper look.

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