My 10 Favorite Items (Top gift ideas for Landscape Photographers) for 2022

my favorite things top gift ideas for photographers Nov 28, 2022

Early on in my photography journey, my favorite things were.  Gear, gear, and more gear.  Now that I think I have dialed in much of my setup it has shifted to organization, simplification, and safety.   With no further ado here are my top 9 items from 2022 (In no particular order)

Annual Travel Insurance


What the what?  Your first recommendation is insurance?  Have you lost your mind?  Debatable.  This came from a workshop participant Renee Pierce.  I hate the idea of buying travel insurance but in this post covid world and with the unpredictability of travel this might be the piece of mind you are looking for.  Rather than have to buy travel insurance for each trip you take you can buy one policy and be covered.  Renee said that she knows alot of people that have filed claims with no problems.  Starting at $155 per year and going up to $675 this could provide you with some piece of mind.

Peak Design Capture Clip

The only multiple year recipient and far and away my most recommended item when I am on the trail.  Securely attaching my camera when I am hiking without it bouncing around has huge value to me.  This makes it also possible to attach anything else or if I am working with two cameras I can secure one and have the other in my hands.  Add on the Camera Clutch and you have a really nice and compact setup.

Apple AirTag

A 4 pack piece of mind.  I have one hidden in my camera bag, one on the rental vehicle, one in my travel bag, and another on a controller I seem to always misplace.  For $95 (For 4 of them) I can have the AirTag emit a sound, or I can use it as a way to get an alert if I leave something behind, or I can see where something is.  Huge amount of piece of mind to track, find, and see where something is.  With add on tags and weatherproofing containers means there is no place you couldn't put an Airtag.

Search & Rescue Insurance

Safety is a paramount theme.  Maybe it is because I am aging a little (Not a lot) but also because if we spend time in the backcountry, front country, or on the trails we stand a chance of something going wrong.  Rather than have to worry about losing $100k of my savings for a helicopter ride out if something was broken, I can pay the $39 per year and be protected.

KimTech Wipes

At $7 this is certainly my cheapest recommendation / favorite thing.  Something that was designed for scientific equipment, this is the only way to dry your lens if it is wet, and does a far better job than a traditional lens cloth.  I put them in ziploc bags and keep them all of the place.

Rechargeable Handwarmers

This recommendation comes from my friend Bob Canepa.  I have gone through hundreds of disposable handwarmers over the years.  I also have worn gloves when I could have done things much easier with thinner gloves or no gloves.  Now I have one of these (at least) when it is cold in one of my outside pockets and in between shots I can put my hands back into a HOT pocket.  These can be used to put pretty much anywhere to keep you warm and last a REALLY long time.   $20 each and they can be used as a backup battery as well.

External Drive Holder

In the "Why didn't I think of that category" is a external hard drive holder that adheres to the back of your laptop and holds your external hard drive.  This is extremely valuable for me as I have dropped a hard drive before, balanced it very precariously, or tried to do other things with laughable outcomes.  Thanks to Renee for showing me her holder.  There are different sizes and options to look at.

Iphone 14

Not everyday that I will add a piece of technology to my list.  Two main reasons.  Reason # 1, the SOS feature that connects to a satellite and enables you to call for help if you don't have cell coverage.  This is a no cost feature on the Iphone 14 and to me is HUGE piece of mind for me.  Reason #2.  The Pro version has a 48MP camera and it can capture images in RAW format.  There is a myrid of other features on the video capabilities and low light capabilities that are interesting as well.  I was able to get a $950 trade in for my iPhone 11 through Verizon and the new one is costing me $11 per month.

Dragon Grips

Another cost effective option with loads of ways to help.  These very sticky grips can be added to anything we find a little slippery as we pick them up.  I have added these to the sides of my iphone and on the back and have yet (Knock on wood) to drop it.  They come custom cut but you can easily customize.

Gear Insurance - Professional Photographers of America

The final thing.  I have yet to use it, but with $15,000 in insurance coverage for your equipment if lost, stolen, or damaged and $50 flat deductible for equipment repair this is the biggest piece of mind of protection I have.  In addition there is a TON of additional resources that PPA offers.  If you sign up, using the link below and finding me as the member you save $35.


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