Nature Photography Classes – Speaker Series

Have you ever wondered what and how photography professionals see or more of how they approach their work?  Through the Nature Photography Classes Speaker Series, you will be able to see what goes on in their minds, within their cameras, and in the field as they bring to you some of their most impactful images, thoughts, and insights.  The speaker series is a live opportunity to ask questions as part of a 90-minute web-based format.  

Join us as we talk to the leading nature and landscape photographers.   The speaker series is a unique opportunity to hear from and interact with people that rarely speak with audiences or give presentations and some of the best photography educators in the world.  Plus at only $10 per speaker, it is incredibly well priced and you don't have to be there live to get the recording.  This is guaranteed to be an amazing Fall Series where you will hear from 7 speakers, talking about their creative processes, how they have put practices to work to grow in their own work, found the elements of creativity to work for them and what we can all learn from this process.

  • Marc Adamus-"Looking within"
  • Eric Bennett-"Adding by Subtracting" - The art of Exclusion
  • Alister Benn-"Understanding the Landscape" - The emotional language of vision.
  • Erin Babnik-“Beyond Perfection: Balancing Artistry and Technique in Your Photography"
  • Josh Cripps-"Stop Being a 1-Dimensional Photographer!"
  • Guy Tal-"Creativity and Expression in Photography"
  • Sarah Marino-“The Expansive Mindset: Practices to Transform Your Photographic Experience”

You would have to spend thousands of dollars to hear them speak at a conference, or tens of thousands of dollars to go to their workshops.  This promises to be a thought provoking speaker series from the photographers who work day in and day out honing their craft.

To register for the entire series and get access to the recordings if you missed or are going to miss one, use the link below.  At only $70 for what is sure to be over 12 hours of instruction, insight, perspective this could be the best deal you will see all year.  As always, 100% moneyback guarantee if you are not happy for ANY reason.   Or you can register for individual sessions.

10% of all registration fees will be donated to the environmental cause or organization of the speakers choosing.  Another great opportunity to give back!

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Marc Adamus-Get instant access to his presentation!

Marc Adamus-"Looking Within"

On Sept 27th Marc spoke to us about his artistic philosophy and vision and how he creates engaging imagery using a 2-dimensional medium and the differences between how our eye sees and how the camera sees. He will also talk about learning art, specifically, what can be taught and what must be found within.

The reviews were fantastic

  • What a fine start to your series, Nic. Mark is so very inspirational. I love his enthusiasm and passion. Yeah. I’ll follow him form now on. 🙂 Thank you both. WOW! 
  • Thank you so much. You have been my idol for many years and now seeing your belief and principles and philosophy have surpassed my expectations of you. For that I am grateful for teaching more than taking the perfect shot. 
  • Thanks, Marc, for taking the time to share your expertise and love of landscape photography.  Your images are stunning and inspirational. 

For a limited time you can access a recording as part of your registration for the entire series or for $10 purchase the video.  

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See the talks from all 7 speakers

See all 7 speakers!

A Small Sampling of Marc's Work

Guy Tal-Get Inspired by Guy Tal

Guy Tal-"Creativity and Expression in Photography"

Prolific.  If there is one word to describe Guy Tal it is prolific.  He produces regular columns for OnLandscape and LensWork magazine in addition to having 2 incredibly impactful books encouraging you to look a little deeper into your work.  In his 30 years of practicing photography he has produced over 10,000 portfolio images that he uses in his writings, on his website, or as ways to teach concepts. 

In his words “In photography I strive to create images that speak to wildness - the quality of being attuned to, and inspired by, the wild. I consider my work to be expressive art, in the sense that its primary purpose is to offer visual metaphors for thoughts and feelings, rather than to document appearances.”

Guy spoke to us about Creativity and Expression in Photography

You can see more of his work at

Guy will be donating the 10% of the registration fees to support

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Sarah Marino

Sarah Marino-“The Expansive Mindset: Practices to Transform Your Photographic Experience"

Dedication to a craft is one thing. Mastery of a craft and the ability to communicate and connect with an audience is a completely different art. Lucky for us Sarah Marino gave up a nonprofit leadership career for the more fulfilling life of being a nature photographer and teacher. Sarah’s focus on small scenes and black and white photography is truly an art and her way to communicate about her connection to the natural environment shows through in her dedication to the work.

Sarah will be speaking to us about “The Expansive Mindset: Practices to Transform Your Photographic Experience” starting with a discussion of how an "expansive view" of photography can take shape: looking for opportunities, not limitations; tuning into your instincts; being more open to light and subjects; leaving expectations at home.

This framework allows space to talk about those ideas along with building your observational skills, developing naturalist practices, and even things like getting out of the hive mind of social media to allow room for your voice to emerge!

See more of Sarah’s work at

Sarah will be donating 10% of the registration fees to The Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance and The Greater Yellowstone Coalition 

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Sample of Sarah's Work

Eric Bennett - Get access to Eric's talk!

Eric Bennett-"Adding by Subtracting" - The art of Exclusion.

Selected as the winner of the 2021 Natural Landscape Photographer of the year photo contest is where many people were introduced to the very talented Eric Bennett.  His travels have taken him to 30 Countries but that is not what drives him in his work.  “My travels are motivated by this idea that if I can capture a place in the right way, I can give the world a glimpse of its true value in its unaltered, natural state. I hope that my imagery can inspire a desire in others to protect and conserve the little wilderness we have left.”

Eric will be talking with us "Adding by Subtracting" - The art of Exclusion.  As a regular contributor to Nature Photographer's NetworkOutdoor Photographer, and ELEMENTS Photography Magazine the information that Eric shares has relevance, expertise, and a different perspective.

Eric will be donating the 10% of the registration fees to The Wilderness Society.

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Small Sampling of Eric's Work

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Alister Benn - See Alister's talk!

Alister Benn-"Understanding the Landscape" - The emotional language of vision."

Leading us into the 3rd slot of the year is the incredibly insightful, deeply honest, and provocatively productive UK based Alister Benn.  The host of a very popular YouTube channel, author of 8 information packed e-books, Alister finds new ways to help creatives connect the dots in new ways.

For our time together, we will hear about "Understanding the Landscape" - The emotional language of vision.

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Sample of Alister's Work

Erin Babnik-See Erin's talk!

Erin Babnik-“Beyond Perfection: Balancing Artistry and Technique in Your Photography"

One of the most sought-after photography speakers with numerous keynote addresses, regular appearances at some of the industry’s biggest events, we welcome Erin Babnik.  Erin explores topics with a unique blend of art historical, philosophical, and instructional ideas, an approach that has made her one of the most notable voices among the current generation of landscape photographers.

With a PhD in Art History, Erin balances instinct, knowledge, and expertise and will be bringing all of her experiences to speak with us about “Beyond Perfection: Balancing Artistry and Technique in Your Photography"

Erin is honored to be a Canon Explorer of Light and a member of the illustrious photography team Photo Cascadia.

Additional information about Erin can be found at

Erin will be donating the 10% of the registration fees to The Wilderness Society.

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Sample of Erin's Work

Josh Cripps-Hear Josh's talk

Josh Cripps-"Stop Being a 1-Dimensional Photographer!"

Some people have character, some people are characters.  Lucky for us Josh Cripps is both.  Incredibly talented, yet humble and funny.   With hundreds of YouTube videos and figuratively and literally millions of fans, he has arguably connected with more nature photographers than anyone else of this modern digital age.  Josh is taking a break from teaching his grand workshops and exploring his beloved Sierra to talk to us about how we can "Stop Being a 1-Dimensional Photographer!"

In many ways modern landscape photography has become all about the Trophy Shot. An endless contest to see who can visit the most epic locations under the most epic conditions, in order to shoot the most epic photos. While this can be fun, ultimately it has its problems, such as reducing a place's value to solely how beautiful it is. Not to mention putting too much pressure on whether or not you come home with a specific photo, instead of the process of exploring and creating freely. In this presentation, Josh will speak about how to move away from 1-dimensional trophy shooting and onto a more satisfying, multi-layered approach that allows you to build meaning and deep personal connection with your subject. You will learn the incredible value of taking on personal photo projects, as well as the 6 types of photos you need to fully illustrate any meaningful story you wish to tell.

You can find more about Josh and his work at

Josh will be supporting with the 10% from the registration fees. 

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Sample of Josh's Work

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