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Eric Bennett - "Adding by Subtracting" and “Listen to the Light" (2 sessions)

You get two of Eric Bennett's sessions, "Adding by Subtracting" and "Listen to the Light", with this offer!

Adding by Subtracting

Eric will be talking with us "Adding by Subtracting" - The art of Exclusion. As a regular contributor to Nature Photographer's Network, Outdoor Photographer, and ELEMENTS Photography Magazine the information that Eric shares has relevance, expertise, and a different perspective.

Listen to the Light

We all know how critical light is in photography. After all, the word "photography" literally means: recording light. Many photographers talk about "chasing the light," or getting up early or staying out late to photograph in the "best" light. But light comes in many different forms other than just the cliché sunrise and sunset lighting, and all of which, if used intentionally, can produce visually striking photographs.

In this presentation Eric Bennett challenges the widely held belief that there is such a thing as "bad" light. Instead, he will show you that every kind of light has its unique benefits. Through principles of visual art and image examples, Eric will give you many different ideas of how to use all of the qualities of light you can encounter throughout the day, before the sun comes up until long after the sun sets.

This way, rather than being limited by what nature presents you with, you will be able to see the creative potential in even the most ordinary kinds of lighting you can find, and be able to make remarkable photographs at any given time of day.