$44.00 USD

Charles Needle- "Masterpieces In-Camera" and “Creative iPhone Photography" (2 sessions)

Charles has joined us for two amazing sessions "Abstract & Expressionist Photography: Crafting Painterly Masterpieces In-Camera" and “Creative iPhone Photography." Charles teaches how to harness the power of your telephoto lens in order to tell more effective visual stories. Charles teaches us how to transform everyday scenes into visual masterpieces using your smartphone.

 "Abstract & Expressionist Photography: Crafting Painterly Masterpieces In-Camera" 

Drawing upon inspiration from abstract expressionist painters such as Claude Monet, Georges Seurat and Georgia O’Keefe, award-winning Colorado-based fine art nature photographer, Charles Needle, will explore ways you can craft painterly/abstract images in nature using nothing more than your camera (or smartphone). In the first half of this presentation, Charles will describe the process of using multiple-exposure and long-exposure techniques to transform everyday scenes into visual masterpieces. Then, in the second half, Charles will show how you can go beyond documentation to create artistic and unusual close-up/macro images both in the field and in your own backyard. Using a fun, easy-to-understand, step-by-step approach, Charles will define and illustrate in-camera shooting techniques such as “Multiple-Exposure Monet” (a technique he invented), Multiple-Exposure Tilt, Multiple-Exposure Rotate & Zoom, Soft-Glow Montage, Composite Montage, Intentional Camera Movement and more. Charles will also explain how you can make poetic and imaginative closeups using a telephoto lens to “shoot through,” a closeup lens/diopter in conjunction with a macro lens to enter a magical abstract universe, a Lensbaby to embrace blur, or a wide-angle lens to get super close and show a subject in its environment. You’ll come away from this jam-packed session inspired to craft your own artistic, expressive imagery, equipped with new knowledge and skills, ready to unlock your creative potential and see the world around you with fresh eyes.

 “Creative iPhone Photography"

With recent advances in technology, smartphones are becoming a legitimate tool for creative self-expression for photographers at all skill levels. In this in-depth “beyond the basics” session, avid professional photographers Charles and Melissa Needle will explore how making images with your phone can help you become a better photographer and review various apps you can use to craft mind-blowing imagery.

In the first part of their presentation, Charles & Melissa will explain some of the technical aspects of iPhone photography, including hidden native camera features, best practices, accessories to take your image-making to the next level, and workflow/printing considerations.

In the second part, Charles and Melissa will take a deep dive showing you how to use several key shooting and editing apps in "live" demonstrations with their phones mirrored on the screen. A sampling of apps covered will include: Snapseed, TouchRetouch, Average Cam Pro, Slow Shutter Cam, Artista Impresso, Prisma, Color Splash and more. Following their presentation, you’ll have full access to the recording, which will allow you to review each step along the way and try using your own images.

Whether you're a landscape photographer, macro photographer, portrait photographer, food photographer or architectural photographer, you'll leave this jam-packed session with new knowledge that will empower you to make images you never imagined possible with your smartphone!

Note: Charles and Melissa are iPhone users; therefore, portions of this will be iPhone centric. However, you'll certainly benefit if you own an Android phone, because they’ll review equivalent apps when applicable and cover several apps that cater to both platforms and devices.