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23.03 Theo Bosboom - The Art of Intimate Landscapes

For many landscape photographers, intimate landscapes are a genre they start practicing later in their career. This is often out of a desire to create more subtle and personal work. For Theo, the situation is different. From the beginning of his photographic career (some 20 years ago), he developed a strong preference for intimate landscapes. And this is reflected in his work. A very unique view of nature and creative and original angles make him one of the top specialists in this field. Theo has also been giving workshops and lectures on this subject for many years, so he has a lot of experience sharing his knowledge in this area. 

Intimate landscapes can be found everywhere, and you often have more choice in your compositions than with wide landscapes. And that, at the same time, is perhaps the difficult part. How do you turn a few autumn leaves or colored rocks into an attractive photo? During this webinar, Theo shares all his secrets with you.

  • The art of seeing, how to recognize interesting opportunities in the field

  • How to achieve a balanced composition, with the right mix of calmness and interest value

  • How can you best incorporate moving elements, such as flowing water, into your intimate landscapes?

  • How to create good abstract images of smaller scenes     

  • How to apply focus stacking to get your intimate landscapes in focus from front to back?

  • How to best optimize your intimate landscapes in image processing