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23.03 Tony Sweet - The Unique World of Infrared Photography

After the transition to digital, Tony converted his D200 to standard (720) B&W infrared as soon as it became possible and began carrying color and infrared cameras, making infrared images throughout the country, Iceland, and Cuba.

Infrared, by its nature, is surreal. Greens can turn white and various shades of gray, depending on conditions and POV. Wet subjects are darker than dry subjects, and the skies can change radically depending on the chosen angle of view and time of day.

The presentation will include some technical aspects, but mostly cover the applications of practical and artistic considerations when photographing in infrared. Quality, angle, and intensity of light will be illustrated, as well as mood, and infrared's ethereal nature. The most conducive times of day and weather conditions will be discussed. As well as, the inherent glow and increased detail in the highlights, which are infrared specific traits.

“Infrared is a muse, mystical, and a source of inspiration for me. It enables me to see the world in a different way, affecting my subject selections, compositions, creativity, and use of light.”