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24.03 Abstracts - Finding Unique Beauty in The Natural World

Together we have journeyed through small scenes, grand landscapes, found beauty in mystery, discovered new ways of seeing in black and white, and now we go a little more abstract. Literally.

The definition of Abstract is creation of images through methods and perspectives that do not have an immediate association with the physical world. The beauty of abstract photography is you as the photographer get the opportunity to interpret the landscape in ways that are personally meaningful to you. Together in this series we will learn about.

  • Multi-Exposure Techniques
  • Long exposure methods specific to abstract photos
  • How design / form / structure take precedence over subject in abstracts
  • Some of the deeper meaning and expression you can find with abstract photography.
  • How removing context brings about mystery and provokes curiosity.

This promises to be incredibly actionable with 2 image reviews, a post-processing demonstration, and also a technique demonstration.

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