$64.00 USD

Sarah Marino - “The Expansive Mindset”, "Black + White..." & “Abstractions: Mystery...” (3 sessions)

You receive three of Sarah Marino's sessions, which include “The Expansive Mindset: Practices to Transform Your Photographic Experience”, "Black + White: Bold Interpretations of Nature" and "Abstractions: Seeking Mystery in the Natural World."

1. “The Expansive Mindset: Practices to Transform Your Photographic Experience”

Sarah will be speaking to us about “The Expansive Mindset: Practices to Transform Your Photographic Experience” starting with a discussion of how an "expansive view" of photography can take shape: looking for opportunities, not limitations; tuning into your instincts; being more open to light and subjects; leaving expectations at home.

This framework allows space to talk about those ideas along with building your observational skills, developing naturalist practices, and even things like getting out of the hive mind of social media to allow room for your voice to emerge!

2. "Black + White: Bold Interpretations of Nature"

In this inspiring yet practical presentation, Sarah will share her essential lessons for photographing nature in black and white. These lessons include learning to see opportunities in black and white photography, understanding tones, and learning to work with natural light in creative ways.

Sarah will also share three in-depth case studies, including a discussion about what went into creating each photo, including the technical details, composition, light, and detailed processing steps.

After Sarah's presentation, she will review photos submitted by session participants. This will highlight her lessons and provide practical advice to apply in your own photography.

This talk will help you see the natural world in a totally new way and help open new avenues for your own creative expression.

3. “Abstractions: Seeking Mystery in the Natural World”

The abstract qualities of a nature photo fall across a wide continuum, from using subtle abstract qualities to develop a composition in which the literal subjects are still obvious, to mysterious presentations of natural subjects in which the viewer has to more deeply consider what they are seeing. With this continuum in mind, Sarah will offer both creative and practical insights into seeing and photographing a wide range of abstractions found in nature. Sarah will share essential lessons on looking for abstract ideas and subjects, composition essentials, creative uses of natural light, and building a cohesive portfolio. Sarah will also discuss the importance of conceptual ideas like provoking curiosity for the viewer, infusing mystery into a scene, and the importance of removing context.